Davis Creek Elementary
Fall 2000 LEGO Projects

This is a journal for the third fall 2000 LEGO Project of Davis Creek Elementary fifth grade.  Mrs. Hamilton spent the weekend at Tufts University meeting with the developer of ROBOLAB and learned about new
ROBOmath Programs.  This project reflects some of the ideas Mrs. Hamilton gathered from the CEEO.  The resulting model had patterns of behaviors that were selected and woven together in programmed responses.  Davis Creek Elementary participates in a West Virginia Space Grant Consortium K12 Outreach Grant that affords them the expertise of Mrs. Linda Hamilton, mathematics instructor at Marshall University, and the use of LEGO educational materials.  Students build simple machines using LEGO sets that feature gears, pulleys, motors, levers, and wheels and axles.  Students will later participate in whole language activities that include building simple machines, writing up their accounts, and using LEGO CAD to make a lasting virtual model of their machine as well.  Robots are built utilizing light, sound, and motion sensors, also with microcomputers that are used by students in various schools around the world to teleoperate robots manipulating and analyzing data.  The Planetary Society sponsors the Mars Red Rover Program that is connected through NASA educational centers around the United States, and, indeed, throughout the world.  Students may drive the Mars Red Rover via the internet.
Learning About ROBOmath Ideas
ROBmath On Lap Top Computer
New Project Ideas
Listening Carefully To Understand ROBOmath
5th Grade Student Understands His Task
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RCX With ROBOmath Programmed Behaviors

Created Fall 2000
Edited 4 / 7 / 2004
Linda Hamilton &Sharon Simon