Davis Creek Elementary Hosts
FIRST LEGO League Practice Tournament
Davis Creek Elementary's FIRST LEGO League Team hosted a practice tournament with a team from Parkersburg, WV.  Two official FLL tables were set up in the prescribed manner, judges were present, & both teams presented a Research Presentation.  The first West Virginia FLL Tournament will be held on December 14, 2002 at the WVU Parkersburg facility.
Both teams were able to practice running their robots through their paces several times.  Judges scored the fields and offered encouragement.
The Parkersburg FLL Team sported an elegant robot with a very functional arm to catch food loops and deliver bundles to the building site.  Their team preparation was excellent.

DC FLL Research Team presented their work on monitoring the oil pipeline in Alaska, using robotic technology with satellite surveyance.
The Parkersburg FLL Team had their robot programs refined and ready to accomplish most of the challenges on the FLL 2002 Team field.
Davis Creek FLL Team needs to do quite a lot of refinement to be ready for the WV Tournament in December.
Mrs. Linda Hamilton, Mr. Brooks, the Parkersburg FLL Coach, and parents watch the DC robot go over the bridge.
Parkerburg's FLL Team robot successfully delivers the bundles to the highest level of the building site, scoring the highest number of points possible for that challenge.
The teams wait for the judges to score the fields after a run.

All visitors were welcome and enjoyed the day.

Robots running missions and returning to base.
Going over the bridge is a tricky move!
DC robot getting the food loops before returning to base.
Another successful run for the Parkersburg FLL Team
Discussing strategies is part of the challenge and teamwork needed.
Parkersburg's robot runs a succcessful mission to the building site.  Way to go!
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