Davis Creek Elementary
First LEGO League #2

The first DC FLL robot was built 9-6-2002

FLL materials for the CityWide Challenge for 2002-2003 contest.  They include specialized pieces as well as the official playing field.
Three fifth grade students display their robot proudly
DC Kicker
Light sensor in the front follows a dark line
The challenge is to move the robot in a square under its own power
Much testing is needed to succeed
Better and better

DC Kicker programmed to move in a square
Downloading a program

ROBOLAB software allows robotic programming using colorful icons and modifers.

These 5th grade students agreed to stay after school to work on the DC First LEGO League.
DC Kicker is programmed to move forward, then turn left and repeat.

Look carefully at the gears that control the speed.
Sasha II is a cat

Sasha II is modelled after Mrs. Simon's crazy cat.
Sasha II and DC Kicker have unique qualities.  Sasha II has a detailed gear train that slows movement, while DC Kicker has both a light sensor and an angle sensor.
These three robots were built and programmed in September 2002.
Mrs. Hamilton built the Touchbot with a design of her own for the front bumper.  She carefully reproduced the design in LEGOCAD so that it can be used for reference.
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