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LEGO Technology III

Marshall University's Continuing Education Department is sponsoring Children's College from February 12 through March 4, 2000.  The student participants are working through the LEGO "Miss Adventure" projects.  The "Miss Adventure" story is one that resembles the story of Robinson Crusoe.  Our "Miss Adventure" story begins with a ship wreck that results in the ship being left on a reef.  The victims must leave the ship and reach an island that is conveniently near.  Using parts of the ship, a raft is fashioned to float our heroes to safety.  After making land, the survivors must continue to use materials at hand to solve problems and survive until they may be rescued.  This week our island heroes and heroines worked on several versions of drawbridges that may augment their survival and rescue.

Mrs. Hamilton, the LEGO Technology Instructor works with a student building a model from one of the LEGO element kits.  In the next few weeks the students will construct models from the LEGO kits and then will construct them virtually with LEGOCAD, a software program from LEGO Dacta.  The students finished constructing the raft,  and several versions of drawbridges.  A helicopter was started but will have to wait until next week for completion.  Next week is our last week to work on survivor and rescue solutions.

Several drawbridges operating together after being programmed by the LEGO Intelligent House program
Two drawbridges with differing angles of draw
Drawbridge up
Helicopter in the works
Two drawbridges down
Adjusting the drawbridge
Drawbridge engineer
Working on the raft

Tying the string in the approved LEGO way
Pulley working the bridge
All drawbridges programmed together
Drawbridge in the works
Motor assembly
Two satisfied drawbridge engineers baking in the completion of their tasks
Intelligent House Interface
Programming the bridges
Adjusting a problem
Consulting about a construction problem
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