Davis Creek Elementary
Miss Adventure 2003 Challenge #7B:  Rescue Copter
I have finally found it within myself to venture away from the island and try to make it home.  I am going to use the things I have learned in this adventure.  My rescue device is a helicopter.  It worked realy good I flew home quickly and landed on a dock near my house.  I was very happy to see my friends and family.

LEGOCAD allows students to build their LEGO models on the compter and have a permanent copy that can be downloaded and rebuilt at a later time

Overhead View using LEGOCAD

This animnated gif was made by combining four pictures
These pictures were used to make the animated gif above
DC 5th grade students working on LEGOCAD
Click the Link Below to View the MA #7B Movie
Rescue Helicopter Movie
Right Click and Select "Save Link As" to Download the .LEG files for use in LEGOCAD
A Student Drawing of the Helicopter
Davis Creek Elementary
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February 15, 2003
Updated 2 / 3 / 2004