Davis Creek Elementary's 5th Grade
LEGO DACTA "Miss Adventure" #1
Construct a Raft 
Steven and Eric at the Gateway building their raft 

The "Miss Adventure" victims have had a shipwreck that leaves them totally stranded without any resources for survival other than those that the victims can devise from the surroundings. The first challenge of survival is to build a raft that will enable the victims to travel to the island and move some pieces of wreckage from the boat. These valuable remnants of the ship wreck can be used to build a base for survival until rescue comes. 

Raft in hand Steven starting the raft
Close Up of the raft Close up of raft
Mrs. Hamilton, Steven, & Eric with the Gateway Raft on LEGO CAD - Color Version

These pictures show the development of the raft. Steven and Eric first chose their LEGO DACTA pieces and then constructed their raft. Next, they worked at the LEGO CAD to virtually build the raft. LEGO CAD saves the model, pieces used, and a journal entry. 


Eric and Steven wrote in their journal that the raft was a labyrinth. "We started on the large red block. It connected to the green block. We connected the wheel to the red small block. We had a blue large block hooked on the green large block. We put the big blue block in the corner. The axle was connected to the red block. The raft will let the people on the island travel on the water and perhaps fish in the ocean. It could also be used to carry supplies from one place on the island to another. The people on the raft will have a roof when it rains. We put the roof on the raft. We put the red blcks for a cargo hold on the raft." 

*LEGO DACTA Pieces and Parts Used:

3 Bricks: 1 x 2 beams with holes  3 Bricks: 1 x 4 beams with holes  2 Bricks: 1 x 6 beams with holes 
6 Bricks: 1 x 8 beams with holes  2 Bricks: 1 x 10 beam with holes  3 Bricks: 1 x 16 beams with holes 
1 Plate: 6 x 8 1 Baseplate: 16 x 16 2 Roof tiles: 1 x 2
1 Brick: Round 2 x 2 1 Steering wheel 1 Cross axle: 4 studs
1 Cross axle: 8 studs 4 Cross axles: 10 studs 4 Stop bushes
Total: 32 Parts 

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