The Wreck of the "Miss Adventure"
A LEGO DACTA Adventure Project
Staci and Ryan with the 'Miss Adventure' House
Activity 1 Raft & Activity 2 House
 Emily & Greg 1-15-98
Staci & Ryan 1-22-98

The raft was constructed by Emily and Greg. It was to get to the island and carry
supplies from the ship wreck to other places on the island. The raft gave the
victims a tool to survive the ship wreck until they may be rescued.
Staci and Ryan constructed the house to serve as a shelter for the victims.
The house doors opens by pulley. The front door of the house locks. The open areas are glass.
The house is constructed of beams, connectors, axles, and pulleys. This shelter has angles that
were tricky to model on LEGO CAD. This shelter will afford our ship wreck victims a place to
sleep safely. Both the raft and the house will give the ship wreck victims tools to survive until
they may be rescued.

Miss Adventure House Lego Cad Instruction on the Gateway Computer
Miss Adventure House with Lock Open
Miss Adventure Supply Raft
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Davis Creek Elementary's 5th Grade Class 1997-98

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