The Wreck of the "Miss Adventure"
A LEGO Adventure Project #3
Sarah & Kassie
Activity #3 Getting Water from the Ocean
Sarah & Kassie

First we had to think for a week of some way to get water to go from the ocean, or creek, into a bucket. Next, we started to build our model on January 29 in the morning. We had to get our pieces ready, both for the model and for the LEGO CAD representation. We brought our ideas together by starting with a pulley. Then we built a platform around the pulley and tested it in the water. It didn't work! We had to start over several times. The project we kept has a lever that hooks onto the bucket as it rests in the water. Next, we picked up water by rotating the handle attached to the pulley and causing the bucket to be pulled upward toward our platform. The problem of water for survival of this shipwreck is solved and we have water to use.

LEGO Materials:

Additional Pictures of "Miss Adventure" Activity #3
Sarah & Kassie working at the sink Beginning LEGO Material Testing model at the sink
Close-Up of the Pulley Close-Up of the bucket Sink, platform and bucket
Close-Up Close-Up Thus, we have saved our shipwreck victims until next week when they will face another challenge. Check back next week for the continuing saga of the "Miss Adventure" from LEGO projects.
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