The Wreck of the "Miss Adventure" #6
Mobility - Vehicle 
LEGO Dacta Students from Davis Creek Elementary's 5th Grade
Barboursville, WV 
Brandi & Richie with their LEGO CarBrandi & Richie 
Brandi and Richie had the task of building a vehicle that would allow them to move around the island. They worked diligently until they had created a car that would not only carry them, but plenty of freight also. The following is their journal of their creation. 
The first thing that happened this morning was a visit from Nicole Wright from Marshall University's Parthenon, the campus newspaper. She interviewed our class about the LEGO Projects. After that we got started. We started by getting out the simple machines parts and discussed with Mrs. Hamilton what our task was to be. We had to design a car that would go over rough terrain as well as carry supplies, tools, people and whatever else we needed to move. We had to put the motor on top of the car and we had to figure out how to build a basket to hold supplies. It can go over a bump as tall as one to two centimeters. On the computer we had trouble designing it. Especially when we had to attach the motor. We had a tough time trying to put the right pieces in the right spot. When we first started out we had a little trouble putting the motor on. When we built the physical model we didn't have any trouble, but putting it on the LEGO Cad was difficult. When we first started out we had a little trouble putting the motor on. In the end we built it in thirty minutes after fixing the problems. Mrs. Simon, our teacher, said she was going to throw Sasha, her cat, into the basket to see if she would ride in it. Mrs. Hamilton left for Marshall University and we continued to work. That afternoon when Mrs. Hamilton returned. Our car looked great on the computer. The front wheels are smaller than the back because it makes it go over things. As an example, it can go over the LEGO box lid which is one centimeter tall. Well, that's about it. Time to cruise the island! 
Parts Used:
1 Brick: 2 x 4  1 Brick : 1 x 2 beam with holes  5 Bricks: 1 x 4 beam with holes 
2 Bricks: 1 x 6 beam with holes  5 Bricks: 1 x 8 beam with holes 2 Bricks: 1 x 10 beam with holes
2 Bricks: 1 x 12 beam with holes  5 Plates: 1 x 2 2 Plates: 1 x 8
2 Plates: 1 x 10 1 Plate: 6 x 8 3 Plates with holes: 2 x 4
4 Plates with holes: 2 x 8 4 Roof Tiles: 1 x 2 4 Hubs (diameter: 17mm)
2 Tires (diameter: 30.4mm) 2 Large Tires (diameter: 43mm)  2 8-Tooth Gear Wheels
1 24-Tooth Gear Wheel 1 24-Tooth Crown Gear Wheel 2 Cross Axle: 6 studs
1 Cross Axle: 10 studs 1 Cross Axle: 12 studs 10 Stop Bushes
1 Technic Motor 1 Technic battery box 2 Wire with 2 x 2 plates (128cm) 
Total Number of Parts = 69 
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