The Wreck of the "Miss Adventure" #7
LEGO Dacta Students from Davis Creek Elementary's 5th Grade
Barboursville, West Virginia
Brittany & Adam's Airplane


Well, finally I built a plane to scout the island. I found many interesting things like weird animals, weird fish, and other interesting things. I picked up things like shells, birds, bananas, strawberries, and fish. Flying in the air is like listening to the birds sing. I wish I could stay up there all day, but if I did I couldn't wirte in my journal. I love to write and I also love to fly. I wrote H.E.L.P. on the wing so that if any jets or airplanes saw me they would rescue me. Well, I guess that I will have to just sit back and wait. It would be nice for a bigger plane to rescue me so I will fly with the S.O.S. sign on the top. Well, time to fly. Catch you later.

Victims: Brittany & Adam

Brittany & Adam & Mrs. Hamilton beginning project.
Choosing the pieces and parts. The motor helps power the plane.
Side view of the airplane. Brittany & Adam working to put their model on LEGO Cad. Building the model on the Gateway 2000 Computer.
Side view of the airplane. Wireframe Display of the Airplane Model on the LEGO Cad S.O.S. sign on top of plane.

Parts Used in the Airplane Model:

3 Bricks: 1 x 2 2 Bricks: 1 x 2 beam with holes  1 Brick: 1 x 4 beam with holes
3 Bricks: 1 x 6 beam with holes  4 Bricks: 1 x 8 beam with holes  2 Bricks: 1 x 10 beam with holes 
5 Bricks: 1 x 12 beam with holes  2 Bricks: 1 x 16 beam with holes  1 Plate: 1 x 4
2 Plates: 2 x 6 1 Plate: 6 x 8 6 Plates: 2 x 4 with holes
2 Plates: 2 x 8 with holes 2 Bricks: 2 x 2 round 3 Hubs: (diameter: 17mm)
2 Tires: (diameter: 30.4mm) 1 Large Tire: (diameter: 24mm) 2 Pulley Wheels (diameter: 24mm) 
3 Cross Axles: 4 studs 1 Cross Axle: 8  7 Connector pegs
1 Stop Bush 9 Connector pegs with friction 2 1 x 5 Arms with studs
2 Belt: (diameter: 24mm) 1 Technic Motor 1 Technic battery box
Total Parts Used: 71
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