The Wreck of the "Miss Adventure" #8
LEGO DACTA Students from Davis Creek Elementary's 5th Grade
Barboursville, West Virginia



Trevor and John 3-6-98

Trevor and John built Buggsbunny, the moving crane, by first putting the motor on the green platform. Secondly, we put the gears on to make it twist. Then we put on the crank to make the crane lift up the water. We put on additional gears to make it go sideways. We also made a bucket from clay. We built a four inch water well. After that we put a pusher to tilt the bucket to put the water into the well. We tried different motors but we decided on the first one we used. We had trouble saving the model because something happened as we were working and we lost it. We had to start again and build as much as we had time.

In "Miss Adventure" #8 a crane was built to get water from the source to a reservoir where it can be stored in quantity for use by the island victims.

4 Bricks: 1 x 4 beam with holes  2 Bricks: 1 x 6 beam with holes  4 Bricks: 1 x 8 beams with holes 
1 Brick: 1 x 16 beam with holes  2 Plates: 1 x 2 2 Plates: 2 x 6
1 Baseplate: 16 x 16 4 Plates with holes: 2 x 4 1 Plate with holes: 2 x 8
1 Weight Element: 2 x 6 x 2 1 8 Tooth gear wheel 1 24 Tooth gear wheel
1 40 Tooth gear wheel 1 Pulley Wheel (diameter: 11.2mm)  1 Pulley wheel (diameter: 24mm) 
1 Cross axle: 4 studs 1 Cross axle: 8 studs 1 Cross axle: 10 studs
2 Connector pegs 1 Stop bush 4 Connector pegs with friction
1 Worm gear 1 Gear box: 2 x 4 1 Rubber band
1 Technic motor 
Total: 43 Parts


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