Davis Creek Elementary
LEGO Misadventure 2007
Challenge #6 Transportation
Group 6Group 6
The Story of LEGO Misadventure
Take a Look Around!

     Well, things are beginning to look up.  I've built a vehicle from some of the extra supplies and set offo to explore parts unknown.  While exploring, I found a fruit tree full of pineapples I started to reach up for them, but a monkey dropped them on my head!  It seemed to like me, so we became friends.  I named the monkey, George.

     We started driving around the island and found some tigers, so we had to fight them off, with just sticks and our hands.  We finally beat the tigers and they had just killed a wild boar.  George and I appreciated their effort, and we took the boar for dinner.  Yum, yum!  That fresh meat tasted really good after cooking it on the fire.

     We also found some fossil fuels, coconuts, and other useful things on our journeys.  We found a cave to park our vehicle to keep it from the weather.  I love cruising around this island, but I'm ready to go home! 


Drawings of Models
Group 6 Transportation
The fifth grade students at Davis Creek Elementary used the LEGO Simple Motorized Machine Set to build their models for the Miss Adventure challenge.  The students also used LEGOCAD, an older software product from LEGO, to build their models virtually on the computer.

Created 5 / 9 / 2007