WVSTA Conference 2001

The annual conference of the WVSTA, West Virginia Science Teacher's Association, was held at Pipestem State Park September 20 through September 22, 2001.  The featured speaker was the Secretary of State of Wisconsin.  The beautiful scenery formed a backdrop for the science workshops and collaboration of educators from all over West Virginia. The NASA K12 Outreach Grant Program, administered through the West Virginia Space Consortium, provided the funds through a $2000 grant to Davis Creek Elementary's LEGO Project teachers to provide fifteen LEGO Simple Motorized Machine kits and battery boxes and teacher training to use them in their classrooms.  Another workshop will be held in Cabell County, West Virginia where the teacher training will be repeated and the kits will be placed in these teachers classrooms.  It is hoped that these teachers will develop contacts to exchange ideas for classroom use.  For more information about the Davis Creek Elementary LEGO Project email Linda Hamilton and/or Sharon Simon.
Mrs. Hamilton's son serves as a LEGO instructor and is an important part of the DC LEGO Project, where he has taught since 1999.  LEGO robots on the right are set up for view.
One of the many scenic overlooks at Pipestem Resort State Park.  On the right, the interior of a restored meat house.
The Nature Center at Pipestem Resort State Park features restored farm buildings and an animal display in the museum.
The Cardinal A conference room at the Pipestem Resort State Park was perfect for our teacher training workshop.  Fifth grade students at Davis Creek Elementary were shown in a media presentation as examples of  students using LEGO Simple Motorized Machine Kits.  On the right, the Secretary of State of Wisconsin admires the LEGO Project and questions Mrs. Hamilton concerning its objectives.
Mrs. Hamilton teaches WV educators how to use LEGO projects in their classrooms.  On the right is a car built by a visiting educator.
Mrs. Bickel, who teaches science at Barboursville Middle School,  chats with Mrs. Hamilton's son
A WV educator receiving instruction about ROBOLAB software.
Mrs. Hamilton instructs WV educators about proper LEGO building methods.  Above, the spider hub allows several robots to be connected at the same time to one computer.  The robots operate using a RCX and an infrared tower for downloading command data.
The laptop above is used for ROBOLAB programming and is taken from school to school by Mrs. Hamilton as she delivers her award winning LEGO program.
Pipestem Resort State Park's restored farm house.
Two educators collaborate on building with a LEGO Simple Motorized Machine Kit
Mrs. Hamilton assists two educators
Pipestem Resort State Park also has rustic cabins to rent
Mrs. Hamilton's son instructing two educators on some of the finer points of using LEGO Simple Motorized Machine Kits

Created 9 / 22 / 2001
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